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At Naish Greatdayz everyone is welcome - wether kite beginner, advanced rider or superstar!


Thanks to the summer wind Meltemi, there is daily wind on Karpathos from May to October.

That is the reason why we give our customers a 100% KITE wind guarantee for the months of July and August.

Unlike on other islands at the Cyclades, where the wind is often only a slight breeze, the Meltemi on Karpathos blows with full power, day and night!

You don't want to be bored or calm - then you've come to the right place!

Are you a beginner or do you want to refresh your knowledge? We offer the right course for everyone.

Together with our safety system and our VDWS certified instructors, is to learn KITBOARDING simple as never before.


Naish Greatdayz offers the latest 2023 equipment at Kites & Boards .

Top kites like the Pivot, Slash, Boxer or the Dash are waiting for you to take off!

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