Kite Safari Rhodes - Kite Yachting Karpathos
Discover the best spots in Rhodes with NAISH GREATDAYZ or the neighboring islands of Karpathos with our Private Yacht !
We organize and accompany your kite safari, simply book on site and you come with us on a 2-3 day safari and kite at the best spots in the both islands!
Let's pack our GREATDAYZ VAN and off we go with the fast ferry from Pigadia to Rhodes - at the spots we offer you an enormous amount of space on the water, so that you can let off steam as you please.

Rhodes Kremasti, Theologos or Prasionisi  are great spots for beginners and advanced users. 
Or on our Private Yacht and off to Kassos or Armathia Beach , from there we start our Mega Downwinder back to the station!
THE 2 ISLAND PACKAGE! - You can also combine Karpathos and Rhodes with each other.
ie you start your vacation in Karpathos with wing foiling or kiting and then go comfortably on a multi-day kite safari to Rhodes to go kiting or wing foiling in Kremasti, Theologos or Prasonisi!
Ask about our Specials - your NAISH GREATDAYZ TEAM makes it possible!